Making the ordinary extraordinary

Most of us have a smart phone which we use all the time to take pictures of our everyday life, selfies and pictures from our vacations. Here is a picture I took of Trafalgar Square in London, UK. It was a typical overcast day and there was a construction crane in the distance. Definitely a decent picture capturing the monument. However, there is nothing particularly special about the photo.

 Upon returning home to America, I got to work in the "Imaginarium". I removed the crane and other distracting elements, first. Then I decided to replace the sky with something more interesting and dramatic so that it would bring focus to the center of the picture. With that complete, I sharpened the photo and upscaled it so that it would produce a high resolution print. Next, I did what is called, "color grading" to change the overall look and feel of the image. The result is definitely a more dramatic, interesting and evocative image as you can see in the final photo.

 Do you have a slew of photos on your phone that you like but wonder if they could be reimagined into something very special? Well, the "Imaginarium" is the place to go! So, get in touch at 760.832.6326 or [email protected] and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary!

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