That's easy! 

1. Select the photos you would like to have restored.

2. Scan the photos and email them to EJP Images.

3. Tell me, in your email, how you'd like the finished image to look. (refocus, repair, colorize, etc.)

4. Tell me the story of the photograph.

No problem! You can take a photo of the image you want restored. If the picture is in a frame, take it out and lay it on a flat surface. Make sure there is no glare and then just take a snap and send it along!

I will review your photo and determine what would be the best way to restore it.

Simply, The Imaginarium, is the place to go to bring your imagination to life. For example, "I have this old picture of myself and would love to see myself in a magical forest (even though the picture was actually taken in my living room)"

Each Imaginarium order includes a half hour video or phone call to discuss, in detail, how you would like your composite to turn out!

Like every photo, each restoration or image composite is different. Depending on the amount of restoration or the complexity of the image composite desired by the client will determine the pricing.

I don't just do the exact same thing to every photo. Rather, each restoration or composite is an individual work of art.

But, don't worry it won't cost you an "arm and a leg" to see your finished art done to your specifications.

The simple answer is, YES! I guarantee that you will be thrilled with your restored photo or image composite. 

When I receive your photo(s) I will let you know if I can restore it to my high standards. Unfortunately, some photos are so damaged (large pieces missing out of the image) that full and perfect restoration may not be possible. However, if you would like me to proceed, I will do my level best to restore the image completely, to the best of my ability!

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I'm thrilled to assist you in preserving your cherished memories. If you have any questions, inquiries, or would like to discuss your photo restoration and editing needs, please feel free to contact me. I'm just a phone call away! You can reach me directly at (442) 666-4600 or for my international clients via WhatsApp 1-442-666-4600